I’m an experienced web designer.  I specialize in responsive web design with strong UX design and UI development.

About Jake

Like everyone, I was born. Soon after, I started drawing and loved it. Then I got a computer and was instantly hooked. I thought, what could be better than creating art on a computer. And thats how it all began.

To prove that I was committed to the craft of digital art, I attended Missouri State University where I earned my BFA in computer animation while studying enjoying my time with web design and development.

After entering the “real world”, I have spent my time immersed with UX/UI design. Since 2004, I have been creating websites, interactive media, and videos for businesses and individuals.

Born and raised in Kansas City.

I’ve got hometown pride. I’m not a runner or a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy good BBQ.

When I’m not Creating Awesome Websites…

I enjoy working in my “wood shop“. It’s a garage. Building anything that I can think up and my Jeep can hold. I also like photography, frisbee, and going camping or hiking.

On a family vacation, My wife and I hiked down into the Grand Canyon. I get asked what my favorite part was. The best part was standing in the canyon and seeing the breath-taking view all around us. The worst part was the climb back up.